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Leadership Team

Leadership Team

David Mladjenovic

As Executive Director, David oversees business development and human resource management for Mladjenovic Network. He studied Communication Arts at Ramapo College in New Jersey, was a Member of the World Association of Former United Nations Internes and Fellows and is an Advisor to the United Nations Staff Recreation Council’s Communications and Technology Club.

Jason Mladjenovic

As Creative Director, Jason oversees the implementation of digital branding strategies for clients accounts including web development, mobile applications and content production. Jason has provided consultancy to a variety of top Fortune 500 companies in the world including Verizon Wireless and Cardinal Health. He studied Graphic Design at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island.

Mija Mladjenovic

As Marketing Director, Mija oversees the execution of online marketing strategies for clients accounts including email marketing campaigns, social media management and search engine optimization. She studied Advertising and Marketing Communications at the FIT in New York and speaks five languages in addition to English including Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Serbian.